Michael Brook Line

Sleeps With The Fishes

(1987, 4AD)

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Sleeps With The Fishes


The first official Michael Brook production — which he engineered as well — was planned initially as a solo effort by the Dutch musician Pieter Nooten, a member of the band Clan of Xymox. Nooten’s group was signed to 4AD; the label’s founder, Ivo Wats-Russell,was a fan of Michael’s Hybrid album, and it was Ivo’s thought to link Michael and Pieter on a specific project. (It was also a Watts-Russell decision to issue Sleeps With The Fishes with collaborative billing for both Nooten and Brook.) Beyond jump-starting Michael’s production career, the album led to his signing with 4AD as a solo artist.

The album was tracked at Blackwing Studios in the U.K., where many other 4AD artists had recorded, notably Ivo’s blue chip group, This Mortal Coil. Unfortunately, Sleeps With the Fishes never found its deserved audience, possibly owing to its appearance in an autumn release schedule dominated by, among other mega-titles, a new Michael Jackson lp.

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  1. Tommaso

    I’m listening to it today, 21 years after its release. It is still a masterwork.

  2. line
  3. fanis

    the absolute ambient album. music that makes you want to dive into your soul… all time classic, a masterpiece.

  4. line
  5. Scott Harbert

    My favorite ambient album. A masterwork that cries for a sequel.
    Pieter and Michael created an ambient stratosphere all their own.
    They compliment each other perfectly.

  6. line
  7. Scott Harbert

    A masterwork that cries for a sequel.

  8. line
  9. Lucibelle

    This album stands the test of time. An absolute masterpiece that deserves so much better than it received. This is an album that will never leave my collection.

  10. line
  11. Paul E.

    A “Must Have” companion to your early clan of Xymox library. This musical work goes far deeper than just ambience.

  12. line
  13. Live D

    Un album extraordinaire.
    Une musique qui nous transporte loin, très loin, et met tous nos sens en éveil.
    Du très très grand art ! Inoubliable et formidablement ensorcelant.

  14. line
  15. Ambienteer » Several Times II

    [...] @greenwoods to ‘Sleeps with the Fishes‘ a 1987 collaboration between Pieter Nooten and Michael Brook. I’m immensly grateful to her for enlightening me. If you love ambient, this is a must have [...]

  16. line
  17. thomas

    Just got my CD version in as the 1987 vinyl is utterly used…. That says it all I guess! A brilliantly dark album that evokes inner dreams and hidden passions. Fits nicely into my progressive rock collection.

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