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Night Song

(1995, Real World)

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Night Song


The second collaborative effort between Michael Brook and master qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was recorded in nomadic fashion around the campus (including lounges and offices, in addition to the proper studios) of Peter Gabriel’s Real World facility near Bath. The nature of collaboration between Michael and Nusrat begun with Musst Musst continued to evolve. At the project’s inception, Nusrat contacted poets in his native Pakistan to provide lyrical inspiration; in addition to the hand-pumped harmonium keyboard, a staple of qawwali music, he became enamored of the sounds available from a Korg synthesizer (Nusrat is heard playing the latter near the end of Night Song). For his part, Michael found himself gathering the raw materials of performances by Nusrat and his concert party and other guest musicians present at Real World, fitting parts together via tape editing to fashion the final shape of these tracks.

Regrettably, owing to their respective schedules, Nusrat and Michael only ever performed once together in public, at a festival in Bari, Italy. After his extended residency at Real World, Michael moved to Palo Alto in California’s Silicon Valley, to participate in developing new musical interfaces at Interval Research. He attributes much of Night Song’s lasting impact to its being heralded at the time of release by the taste-making dj’s at public radio station KCRW in Los Angeles, the city where Michael would next relocate.

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  1. Rajeeb

    i have listend to each composition countless times. and i have no word to describe how this album touched me, and became part of my life. never had the chance or opprtunity to thank you for this great masterpiece. may ustad nusrat fateh ali rest in peace, and mr. brook the living legend thank you once again for the great music. if u ever need a Tabla player when you are in Canada let me know, i will be at ur service.
    Thank you once again for this great album, i have been listening to this for the last 10 years.

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  3. sadam

    greatest ever composed miusic a tremendoua collaborayion of east and west

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  5. Lori

    So, so beautiful. The song “Longing” would have to be on my list of ten most gorgeous recordings ever.

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  7. Luisa

    A friend gave me this cd two years ago. It was the candle that put back light and warmth again into my life. That summer was really tough. When you don’t have an idea of what is going on in your life and suddely you have the privilege, the blessing to receive a gift like this you can only think music can make miracles.
    For me this music of the whole cd is a long prayer. When I listen to it my heart can breathe. There are things that you don’t understand sometimes, when you listen to prayers like this you don’t need to understand, you just realise you are living again.
    My great thank will be forever. I still listen to Night Song and I see the light. Thank you, Luisa

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  9. Mahfuz

    Nice Songs, Touched My Heart Deeply!

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  11. Zia

    One of the greatest music albums ever, i have no word to describe the greatness of this album.

    Mr.Brook u had done a great job by producing such a superbb album with Late Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan….
    its awesome.

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  13. ck

    I was introduced by the album by one of my best friends just after I lost my beloved mother.The album cured my soul as it expressed all the complex feelings a human may feel after such a happening.

    Ruhun şad olsun Nusrat, eline sağlık Brook.
    (RIP Nusrat, thanks Brook.)

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    [...] talent, and they serve as good entry points into less commercial, emotionally incendiary output. Night Song is a solid add to the discography but, in keeping with its “evening soundtrack” theme, [...]

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  17. Clearly Misunderstood / Meditation

    [...] know me, you know I am a huge fan of precussion and it all started when I first listened to him in Night Song, my all time favorite [...]

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  19. goat

    Sweet pain is one of the best pieces of recorded music in the history of western culture…

  20. line
  21. zev guber

    One of my all time favorites. Michael. I would love to discuss you scoring my next films….

    check out: http://www.objectivemovie.com

    We are now working on developing it as a TV series.


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  23. Priyanka

    It was a search for peace within that brought me to you- on just another evening which could have dissolved in regular rock music- but the search ends here- my evening was made so memorable- I make new memories to this music each day- thank you

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  25. Mian A. Ahmad

    two “PERFECT” albums, never heard anything like that before n probably there ain’t gonna anything like that!!!!!! ah miss the collaboration of two great musicians

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  27. Fahim

    My most favorite album over the past decade. I never get bored of it. Its incredible! Always in my playlist.

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  29. Usman

    Just downloaded a couple of songs off of itunes. Can’t describe the feeling – I am mersmerized!

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