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Into the Wild


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Into The Wild


Michael’s score for the feature film “Into The Wild”, was written and directed by Sean Penn. The score was nominated by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for a Golden Globe award for Best Score. Michael’s powerful compositions for the film are available via Lakeshore Records and exclusively on Itunes.

Press reviews

“Featuring the entire 36-track score by guitarist and composer Michael Brook, this punchy and daring piece of work does more than just evoke the emotions of the film; it pulls the listener into a world of loneliness, intrigue, and pure musical expression.” -hubpages.com

“With a mix of guitar, harmonica, some drums, and a dash of violin (among other things), Brook has created a veritable masterpiece of audio presentation, matching the film’s intense portrayal of Christopher McCandless’s memorable tale frame for frame… Michael Brook’s Into the Wild is still a strikingly original piece of work.With muffled drums and a moaning guitar, Brook succeeds in both celebrating and mourning the passing of a rebellious legend.” -hubpages.com


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  1. Esteban

    Devil Slayer is my favorite, wish the song was longer!

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  3. anthonioo

    Thanks for creating such wonderful music for this brilliant film. Watched the DVD on Sunday night and still couldn’t get it out of my mind.

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  5. ivos

    beautiful. it is a pity, that this record is not the regular LP or CD.

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  7. Jeannette

    I so love “Swimming & Horses” !!! It’s beautiful, wish I had the tabs for it…

    Brilliant movie, brilliant composer…

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  9. maurice

    great movie, but from who is that song at the final on the guitar…its played g-bm-dm-c its so nice!

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  11. Jeannette


    thank you so much. will try it later!!


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  13. Natalie

    Thank you for creating this music. It brings out all the emotions from the movie, which has opened my eyes wider to this life and its core issues. “Best Unsaid” is simply incomparable!

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  15. jezter

    Just caught the end of the film but was captivated by the sound track during the credits. To help answer similar question above I am guessing the last track and song was by Eddie Vedder (of Pearl Jam).

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  17. tibo

    Timekeeper !!!! Awesome (my favorite in the movie)
    and the rapids for the second place).
    Great job !

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  19. Arne Walschap

    On a rainy friday night, I saw the best film I had ever seen: “Into the wild”. The scenery and acting prestations deserved nothing but chocolate chip cookies. But where I am here for is the music ofcourse. I was so stunned by this magical composition, that I did something I had never done Before in my life. I looked up who made this heaven of music. I came out on Michael Brook, and I had never heard of him before. You’re CD is not coming out of my stereo installation anymore Mr Brook, it found a nice place there and its staying there, i hope i can soon find some other CD to put next to it, so they can make wonderful babies to throw me over.
    Waiting for more,

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  21. marque

    Hi. what is the song that plays when When Katherine Keener gives Emile a ride out of Slab town/city?

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  23. Dave

    I’m also wondering what that piece of music is because it isn’t included on the soundtrack which is a real shame as it is really beautiful. Great music Mr. Brook. Absolutely wonderful use of banjo, guitars, etc.

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  25. John

    anyone know what chords are played in the “waking waterskier” and “arriving at the slabs”? they are the same chords and are repeated throughout the movie and they’re very beautiful.

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  27. Elin from Sweden

    One of the most beautiful scores I’ve ever heard. I’ve been listening to it non stop for more nights than I can count now.

    Is there any possibility to get tabs for guitar or just the notes from somewhere?
    I would love to learn some of these amazing pieces.

    Pure beauty.

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  29. siham

    when the beauty of must makes you feel you’re alive

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  31. bismillahh

    would like to get in touch with u regarding a sufi singer who is the closest we got to late nusrat fateh ali khan.he is a talented young singer from india.if theres anything regarding the same pls get back would send u the demo for u to get an idea.

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  33. Salva

    Thanks for be an artist of the music… things like this can let us to fly. Thank you for bring us this oportunity by the music way

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  35. WH

    Hey Mr. Brook,

    You wrote a song for the movie called “I Saw It” and it is not iTunes for download. I think is the song that is played in the scene when Ron Franz is driving Chris McCandless right before he asks to adopt him. I was wondering if there is a place where I can buy that song because its amazing.


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  37. ryan

    brilliant album but i was wondering (like a couple other people)…what is the track played when chris is leaving slab city??? its not on this album or on eddie vedders and is possibly my favourite in the movie?? was really disappointed when it wasnt on this album but a great album anyway!

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  39. Silke Strand Andersen

    This score is just incredibly beautiful…! I’ve been looking and searching every where to get it on CD but without any results. I can’t wait to have it in my stereo so I would like to ask: HOW DO I BUY THIS ALBUM ?

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  41. charl

    I couldn’t really get into some of the other soundtracks Brook has done but this one is returning to the ‘old form’ of Michael Brook, really, really nice. Kind of an updated Cobalt Blue. Second to this, that extract from Cobalt Blue used in the Michael Moore movie Heat. Wow!

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  43. Travis

    Incredible movie and score. Thanks Mr. Brook. The answer to the question about the music playing as Chris and Jan are leaving Slab city is “Doing the wrong thing” by Kaki King. Like you guys I love that part.

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  45. Andrea

    Why the music of Into the wild it’s not disponible in CD for buy??

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  47. Teresa

    Love it, but how do I get the song “I Saw It” ???

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  49. Katie

    We need this on CD Michael! Please! Keep making wonderful music :)

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  51. J

    I listened to excerpts of this magnificent score for what I consider to be one of the best movies of all time. One plaguing question though; the haunting guitar track played during the scene where Chris/Emile is laying in his dark bus after consuming the poisoned potato root.. clutching his rifle… the same guitar music that segues to last scenes with Ron Franz in his laundry room and in the truck…. I can’t find that piece anywhere…. can anyone assist?

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  53. Sam

    I have to say…Every song in this album put my on an emotional roller coaster. I am in love with this album and I will buy it with sooo much pleasure! Respect to Michael Brook and Sean Penn (And of course Eddie Vedder.)

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  55. SB

    Thank you so much Travis :) as I was scrolling down these posts, I was dying because I thought no one had the answer. I love this song.

    Amazing score.

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  57. Gibran

    what is the track played when chris is leaving slab city??? its not on this album or on eddie vedders and is possibly my favourite in the movie?? was really disappointed when it wasnt on this album

    Could somebody please answer this question I really want to know the name of this song as well…..

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  59. Derek

    Which song is playing at the very end of “Into the wild” before the credits are rolling just as hes dying in the “Magic” bus

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  61. Emma

    The tract when Chris is leaving Slab City is

    doing the wrong thing
    by Kaki King

    One of my favorite songs, aswell as one of my favorite scores
    so beautiful!

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  63. Ethan

    I saw this movie several times downloaded the Eddie Vedder Soundtrack on itunes. Then I found on You Tube the Song called Best Unsaid, that title is such a Power Melodie, so i got the entire CD on itunes the Original Score.
    The Movie – The Sound Track and the Original Score is amazing.

    If i want drown in minds get quiet I listen to your Soundtrack it make me calm down consider what is the real life made for to get a distance from the society that always fence me in.

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  65. Justin

    Very good music. Made a 4 star movie go to 5 stars. Thank you.

  66. line
  67. Justin

    @DEREK the answer is Hard Sun but a slightly different version.

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  69. Ry

    absolutely beautiful!
    makes me want to get back on the road again.. cheers!

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  71. Philippe

    Fantastic music. It’s a pity that it is not published on CD :(


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  73. Gustavo Crovadore

    Fantastic, magnific, the best filme score ever.
    Greetings from Brazil!

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  75. maxpancho

    Hi, Michael. Could you please share harmonica tabs for some of songs where harmonica is used? Thanks.

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  77. Benjam

    “I saw it”. It has to be out there somewhere :(

    I love this music so much.

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  79. Tim

    PLEASE release this masterpeace on CD so I can play it back at maximum quality in my tube CD player.. it SO deserves to be a “proper” release…

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  81. medio

    hey does any body know whats the name of the song when chris leaves the hipie town, that one where he met tracy.??
    is the one that sound whn jan and chris are in the car

  82. line
  83. Cheers

    My Favourites are: Timekeeper, The Combine and Wayne, Selling Books and Chris Dying – the Song, not Event :’(

  84. line
  85. omid

    I never forget this — your magic work.

  86. line
  87. drouaud

    le plaisir et quelle plaisir je suis dans un autre monde et musicalement dans la lignée de harold budd et robin guthrie que j’aime énormément !
    un merci !!!

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  89. Robert

    On the intothewild.com under experience and palm springs, that song, is that on this soundtrack. Ive gone through it but didnt find it… someone help me ?

    Cheers from sweden ! :)

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  91. Jason

    Actually, the song at the very end of the movie as the camera zooms away from the bus is called “I Saw It”.

    It’s still a Michael Brook but does not appear on the album for some reason.

  92. line
  93. Liza

    I love the song “I Saw It” and really wish there was a way to purchase it. Please let me know if there is.

    I love all of your work!

  94. line
  95. Alexia Vassiliou

    Hello Michael, this is Alexia, we met last night at Sarah’s art exhibition.
    Congratulations for your wonderful music!
    I trust that you will listen to the cd i gave you and that if in the near future there is an opportunity for us to collaborate, i would very much like that!
    Thank you,

  96. line
  97. Alexia Vassiliou

    Alexia from Sarah’s exhibition last night.
    Thank you

  98. line
  99. Ivan Diaz

    The first time I watched Into the Wild, I spent the next hour downloading Vedder’s songs and was content at that.

    Today, I logged into YouTube and noticed a recommendation for a song from the movie that I hadn’t heard of before. “Devil Slayer”.

    I don’t know how to thank you for this. But thank you. Well worth the money, I would have paid double for the album!

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  101. Felipe

    There is a song played when the wolves are eating the moose and chris make a Thoreau’s citation, which is not on the original score. Where can I find it ?

  102. line
  103. Glenn

    In the movie when Chris is in the back of a pickup riding across Hoover Dam, there is a violin piece, which continue through the sister narrating and the old man at a pay phone trying to make amends……can’t find that part of the soundtrack. Is it available? Still love this site.

  104. line
  105. Billy

    Both the film and the score are incredible. I love Eddie Vedder’s soundtrack, but Michael’s film score is just something I can’t even describe. This is definitely my favourite film score of all time, but it’s also one of my favourite albums of all time. This music has inspired me so much, especially with acoustic music and focusing on that beautiful atmosphere in this music. Thank you so much for this music Michael.

  106. line
  107. Brent Ervin

    I wish someone had tabs for “devil slayer”.

  108. line
  109. Alessandro

    Beautiful Homage and appreciated! Are you one of my favorite sound engineers, the atmosphere create beautiful works of your mental images. The use of reverberation, is a master of acoustics!

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