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by Michael ~ October 28th, 2011

Thanks for visiting my website. It's purpose is a little different than most sites, so a little warning about what to expect, and not. The main goal of michaelbrookmusic.com is to make my music available to the film world, as that is now my prime activity.

So there won't be a lot of updating, only when we add a new batch of music to the library. I suppose if a particularly momentous event occurs the news will get updated, maybe. The easiest way to find out when new music is added is to sign up for the mailing list and you will receive notice of new work. This will be at least once a year.

The dominant feature is the music library, where you can search for, listen to and download music. It's all free and no password is required. What rights you have with this music are explained here. Contact licensing@Bicyclemusic.com if you want to use some music for something.

I think that the best way to use the library is to do a bit of searching on the site and listen to some. If you think that it is the kind of thing that you might like, then download as much of it as you like at put it in Itunes where the tracks are still searchable via key words that show up in the comments window. You may have to make this visible in View/ViewOptions.

I thought that also making the music available for free is a way of saying thanks to the people who have bought albums or come to concerts. Your support and enthusiasm has been appreciated.

The music in the library is a combination of completed scores and sketches. Many of the sketches are rough, unfinished and undeveloped, or became completed and possibly evolved into a final version in a score or album.

Also there is some historical info here.

Your comments on the content or functionality of the site are always welcome here.

Michael Brook

  Michael Brook Line
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